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How One Boy’s Efforts Connected A Community

IPH has been able to continue to meet the needs of its guests and maintain effective programing in large part due to our donor support. Connor Reilly of Delmar, NY possesses a commitment, kindness and determination that particularly moved us.

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IPH supporter, Erin, sent an email to IPH’s development team asking how her family could support IPH’s efforts. The Community Coordinator at IPH offered the opportunity to donate a meal to Emergency Shelter guests. Connor, Erin’s 14-year-old son approached the challenge straightaway. He started his campaign by asking for donations through his mother’s Facebook page. His idea then evolved into a successful effort.

Connor had raised $1500 and donated three meals when reporters from CBS news covered the story. “What an incredible young man”, IPH Kitchen Supervisor Melissa Doney remarked. Overall, Connor was able to bring 13 meals to the table at IPH’s Emergency shelter while helping local food services across the Albany area. Most incredibly, he inspired our community to take action.

Swarn Dhar, a member of Sathya Sai Baba Organization (SSIO), Albany chapter, “heard a story on CBS about a young boy who was donating catered meals… I contacted Sky [IPH Community Coordinator] …that’s how we started donating.” With the support of SSIO members, Swarn has already coordinated four meals to IPH and continues their efforts.

Swarn and Connor share generosity and selflessness that translates through their stories. At a time when social distancing, loss, and immense change has affected everyone, particularly those most underserved, these efforts to support the homeless inspire us. Swarn Dhar shared the sentimental message: “We are one family, regardless of race, color, religion, we are one family… the family of love, the family of humanity.”

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