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Who We Are

Mission & History

Our Mission

In recognition of the dignity and value of every human life, the mission of IPH, is to address the needs of the homeless and low-income community by providing a continuum of services to encourage self-sufficiency, empowerment, and stability.

Our History

For four decades, IPH has been a steadfast pillar of support meeting the needs of unhoused adults and families across our community. What began as a humble emergency shelter in the City of Albany in 1984 has grown into a dynamic force that now comprises four year-round emergency shelters and two seasonal Code Blue shelters. Our journey has been marked not only by expansion but by an unwavering commitment to adaptability, fueled by our dedication to listening to the ever-evolving needs of the people we serve.

As our community’s needs shifted over time, so did IPH. Recognizing the importance of prevention and long-term sustainability, we introduced our Community Connections and Housing pillars. At Community Connections, we offer a welcoming space where anyone in need can access services that empower neighbors to find or maintain their current housing. Likewise, IPH Housing works tirelessly to increase the availability of affordable, quality, and supportive housing units in the Greater Capital Region, providing sustainable solutions for neighbors in need of that extra support.

Throughout our journey, IPH has touched the lives of thousands of unhoused and at-risk households. Today, we stand proud of our roots, humbled by our beginnings, and more committed than ever to building a compassionate, impactful future together with our community.

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