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Emergency Shelters

IPH shelters provide welcoming, safe accommodations for people experiencing homelessness while striving to minimize barriers that often prevent people from accessing shelter. IPH shelters offer housing-focused case management and compassionate 24 hour supports that prioritize client choice, empathy, and optimism. IPH recognizes that shelter is not a destination, but a process to help individuals resolve their housing crises.

Sheridan House provides a supportive, transitional setting for adults who are experiencing homelessness.  In this year-round, 30-bed shelter, guests receive individualized, person-centered services that promote long-term stability and address each person’s self-identified needs and goals. 

176 Sheridan Avenue

Albany, NY 12202
(518) 434-8021

Fax (518) 432-7148

Jennifer Hillman,

Emergency Shelter Supervisor

South Ferry House

South Ferry House provides a supportive, transitional setting for adults experiencing homelessness, including a unique element of medical respite services that support individuals who are being discharged from hospitals in need of a place to recuperate and receive follow-up support and health-focused referrals and connections.  In this year-round, 30-bed shelter, guests receive person-centered services that support each person’s unique set of needs and goals.

35 South Ferry Street

Albany, NY 12202

(518) 888-7115

Fax (518) 874-0606

Ashley Coleman,

Shelter Supervisor

Mercy House

Mercy House provides a supportive, homestyle setting for adults experiencing homelessness. In this 20-bed, year-round shelter, guests receive individualized, person-centered care that addresses their unique needs and goals and promotes long-term housing stability.

12 St. Joseph’s Terrace
Albany, NY 12210

(518) 650-2596

Fax (518) 992-6698

Tabitha Giacchetta,

Shelter Supervisor

Danielle's House

The only program of its kind in Montgomery County, Danielle’s House offers a mix of emergency, transitional, and permanent housing.  Between November and April, the first floor provides shelter and support for 7 unhoused adults each night, and, during the rest of the year, the rooms are utilized as transitional housing.  The building’s second and third floors provide permanent housing to 8 individuals who rent private rooms and share living spaces.

218 East Main Street

Amsterdam, NY 12010

(518) 627-4649

Angel Windham,

Shelter Supervisor

Safe Haven - Albany

26 South Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210

(518) 704-4507

Cleveland Morgan,
Program Supervisor

Safe Haven – Albany is a low-barrier seasonal shelter providing a safe, supportive setting for 35 adults each night, all of whom have no other options for shelter and would otherwise be staying outside.  Operating between November and April, Safe Haven – Albany offers an alternative model of shelter to ensure those who are most vulnerable receive non-judgmental support and make it safely through the winter.

Safe Haven - Gloversville

Located in the heart of the city, Safe Haven – Gloversville provides shelter and support to 12 adults each night during the coldest months of the year.  Operating between November and April, this facility is a vital resource to unhoused residents, offering showers, laundry, and a hot meal, in addition to a warm place to sleep.  

24 3rd Avenue
Gloversville, NY 12078

(838) 249-6744

Jennifer Salamo,
Program Director

Sheridan House

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